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The Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 aims to bring significant changes to how personal data is processed, shared, and safeguarded. This comprehensive bill will set new data protection standards, giving users greater control over their personal information and establishing a framework for responsible personal data governance.

This training is suitable for anyone who wants to understand how the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 will affect their personal data and online activities. We will explain the key concepts of the bill in simple terms, and discuss how it will impact your privacy, data security, and online interactions.

Our training will provide you with a thorough overview of the key highlights of the bill, as well as a systems-based approach to implementing privacy controls in your organization using the ISO 27701 privacy management standard.

You will learn about the highlights and inclusion of the New Data Protection Act 2023, why organizations need a systems-based approach for data privacy and protection, how the ISO 27701 Data Privacy Standard provides such an approach, and a roadmap for your organization to adopt the Data Privacy Standard.


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