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ISO 27001 is an international standard that specifies the need for an Information Security Management System. Information security management is the process of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, interruption, modification, or destruction of sensitive information within an organization. This training helps individuals gain expertise in auditing and risk assessment to ensure robust Information Security Management Systems in organizations. It also helps organizations enhance information security and mitigate risks to demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive information. Individuals with high assessment and auditing skills in ISO 27001 will have tremendous job opportunities to work in globally recognized organizations.

The ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Training course provides delegates with in-depth knowledge about ISO 27001 and information security for handling active and passive attacks. During this training, they will learn how leadership policies work for organizational roles, responsibilities, and authorities. They will also learn to audit and tackle the fraud triangle. This course will be led by our highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer, who has years of experience in teaching and will help delegates get a complete understanding of auditing processes.

Course Objectives:

- To attain in-depth knowledge about information security and its importance
- To understand various needs for information security in organizations
- To learn about how to identify common threats to information security
To understand the scope of an Information Security Management System (ISMS)
- To learn how to describe policies, roles, and responsibilities for ISO27001
- To understand actions for addressing risks and opportunities in planning

After attending this training, delegates will be able to collaborate with stakeholders through effective audit planning and reporting. They will also be able to identify information security risks and vulnerabilities to safeguard critical assets and data.


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