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It is important to acknowledge that people are the most valuable assets of any organization. Unfortunately, they are not always well-equipped to identify and respond to potential security threats in a timely manner. This creates an opportunity for malicious actors to steal the organization's intellectual property, such as blueprints, business plans, policy details, source codes, patents, and copyrights. Such activities can cause irreparable damage to the organization's competitive advantage and reputation in the industry. 

To prevent these types of nefarious activities, it is crucial to cultivate a strong security mindset among employees. This can be achieved through regular security training. During this training, real-life incidents that have caused significant losses to companies due to lax security controls and implementation are presented. These incidents typically occur due to a lack of proper security awareness among the employees, which makes them the security's "weakest" link.

The training then delves deeper into the discovery and reconnaissance techniques that attackers commonly use to identify weak points of entry into an organization's network. Specific attack techniques, such as privilege escalation, password cracking, and denial-of-service attacks, are demonstrated to illustrate how weak security practices and implementation can compromise the security of systems where information assets reside.

The training also covers security exploit frameworks and threat modelling to demonstrate how attackers can penetrate and compromise an organization's network. Defensive strategies are then presented to contain the impact of threat agents on the most valuable information assets in the organization. Finally, incident management procedures are discussed for proper asset recovery and salvaging in the event of a breach.

This course is intended for security enthusiasts, team leads, IT managers, decision-makers, and senior managers who want to understand the latest threats to information security and learn preventive measures to mitigate them.


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Our instructors hold various accreditations such as OSCP, OSWA, OSEE, OSEP, OSED, eCXD, eMAPT, eWPTX, eWDP, CHFI, CISSP, CISM, CISA, and many more.

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