Assembly language Training for Pentesters | Security Researchers

Assembly language training is very useful for Pentester and Security Researchers because assembly language allows you to do things you can't do in other programming languages. Without assembly language you will not be able to find the 0day against software , because debugger gives output only in asm code.

In reality you don't need to be able to code in assembly, you need to be able to analyze malwares and exploits and that is something completely different from coding for functionality.

While you are working in the core technical streams of cyber security, you need to have good Assembly programming skills. You could use it for machine code review, malware analysis, writing your own fuzzers, debugging scripts, finding issues/vulnerabilities by looking at software code, exploit writing, etc.

Who Needs to Learn Assembly language:
-> Shellcoders                      -> Bug Hunters
-> Malware Analysts             -> Code Exploit Writers
-> Reverse Code Engineers -> Software Vulnerability Analysts

Here are our training modules

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